Get clarity on your destination.
And the accountability you need to get there.

Maiorum is building the best young men's community on the planet. We provide coaching and community to support young men to lead action-orientated lives toward authenticity, creativity, and integrity.

Stop Wasting Precious Time

❌ unsure of who you are and what matters to you
❌ feeling inadequate and playing the victim
❌ fearing failure preventing you from getting started
❌ isolated from those most important to you
❌ pissed off and holding resentment
❌ wasting time on shiny objects
❌ stuck in your own head

We have your back

Guidance & accountability from coaches who have been in the trenches.Over 60 years of combined experience. A tight-knit community behind you.

Spencer Bassett | Maiorum Entheos 🌀Creating Without Reservation

  • YouTuber (90k+ Subscribers)

  • Student of Philosophy & Psychology

  • Published Musician

Richard Grannon | Maiorum Individuation ⚔️Breaking Free From Mass Brainwashing

  • Experienced CPTSD Coach

  • Self Defence Instructor

  • Author and Public Speaker


Ross Dempsey | Maiorum Strength⚕️Building Your Body With Sustainable Habits

  • Online Health Coach

  • Masters in Exercise Physiology

  • Competitive Powerlifter

Tiago Silva | Maiorum Nutrition 🥦Properly Fueling Your Physical and Mental

  • Nutrition Coach & Habit Building Expert

  • Renaissance Periodization Research Editor

  • 10 Years of Experience

James Collings | Maiorum Mindset 🧘Ingraining Discipline Through Mindful Habits

  • Ex-Boxer and Kickboxer for England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Coaches Elite-Level Athletes Globally

  • Improves Lives Through Mindfulness

Alex Fulton | Maiorum Millionaire 💸Financial Freedom

  • CEO, TradersRetreat

  • Stock Market Daytrader & Educator

  • Taken Multiple Account From 1k to 100k+

Aodhán Moran | Maiorum Religio 🔁

  • Executive Coach (Pre-Certification)

  • Making Sense Using Depth Psychology

  • 1-1 Coaching For Each Member

At the core of our service is one simple idea

We help you become the type of person who can define, operationalize, and take action toward your goals with little to no effort.We want you to fire us.

Here's How it Works


We Help You Craft Fine-Tuned Action Plans

When you sign up for Maiorum, you'll immediately be invited to our private, global community.We have students, entrepreneurs, creatives, software architects, martial artists, day traders, powerlifters, personal trainers, international athletes, health care workers and more.Then, every weekday (and some weekends), you'll get on the phone with our coaches to check in & create your action plan (we use Telegram).Unable to join? All of our calls are recorded so you can listen back and ask questions in your own time.

Your Coach Will Do All The
Heavy Lifting

❔Asking the right questions
⭕️ Organising your thoughts
📊 Identifying goals
🎯 Breaking down goals into achievable steps that you will actually do
Checking in your results & progress effectively clarify your goals, identify your highest impact activities, and create a focused plan for the week ahead.

Our coaches and community encourage you and keep you accountable.


We Keep You Accountable

Right. You know what you need to do. You go into your week with certainty and focus. Overwhelm does not get in the way of you moving forward.You wake up in the morning and act with a sense of purpose because you know you're doing exactly what you need to do.

Throughout the week, our coaches are available to keep you accountable to do what you said you were doing to do. No more allowing your impulses and doubts to ruin your progress.You continue to execute because you are confident knowing that what you're doing is the highest impact activity.Finally, you're doing the thing you know you should be doing.No more moving in circles. Instead, you're making measurable progress toward your goals. Your actions are soaked in meaning.

Taking actions requires less grind, resistance, and internal motivation because you naturally feel the external accountability pulling you forward.Finally, you’re not going at it alone anymore.


We Help You Review & Improve Each Week

Each coaching call begins with a recap of the previous week. You create real relationships with each other. You get to know each on a personal level. You'll know that care about your wins.Together, you'll celebrate your wins and draw insight from any obstacles you faced.

Your coaches and community create a space of potent self-reflection in which you make consistent improvements over time.Finally, while integrating lessons from the past week, you will re-adjust what’s necessary and begin preparing for the new week ahead.

The End Result Is Simple:
Consistently Turn Your Goals
and Ideas Into Concrete

As each week goes by, you pile more and more finished tasks on top of each other. No excuses, no distractions, just tangible progress every week. Your self-efficacy builds because you see real results.Before you know it, you start gaining momentum and things start getting easier. You start feeling more assured about yourself and the path you are on.Now normally, self-sabotage might start creeping in at this point, but you are no longer going about it all by yourself.Your Maiorum coaches and community is right there next to you. Keeping you on track, killing shiny object syndrome, holding you accountable, and helping you maintain the momentum and speed you’ve picked up.The results keep getting better and better.And so do you.


There are membership training and seminars that charge you €2,000 a seat to attend. You walk away with a head full of knowledge, and a fancy new planner, but after a few weeks, the excitement fades and you’re back to your old ways.There are countless apps out that range from somewhat effective to a complete waste of time. Time you can never get back.As a Maiorum Member, you'll get to work on your most deeply personal & professional issues— plus get encouraged, supported, and held accountable by a team of coaches and a global community— for a flat, low membership of €195/month.Not satisfied after 7 days? Full refund.

We'll Help You Create An Environment Where Success Is Inevitable

✅ Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life next year.✅ Renew your energy, improve your psychology and reach your goals with coaches and a community that pushes you✅ Master your emotions. Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence in the face of challenges.✅ Gain new tools and confidence to break through limitations, and skills to inspire and empower others.

Here’s Everything You Get As A Maiorum Member

Daily calls led by our expert coaches (6x per week)Gain access to an exclusive global community of ambitious people rooting for you and your successLearn from other people's mistakes to save yourself months of research, spending thousand on half baked solutions, and the feeling of regret for not starting soonerWe bring in experts to teach you the best practices in vital life skills like speaking, writing, business, and mindfulness. Can’t make it live? Access our library of trainings.Get your questions answered with members-only direct access to our expert coaches

All Of This For Just €195/mo


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